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Are You Aging Positively?

ARE YOU AGING POSITIVELY? Getting older can be very difficult on our bodies especially when our souls are so young and vibrant. But remember, aging is a mindset and I choose to always age with positivity. I see aging as getting wiser and fiercer; its not caring what others think of me and being the… Continue reading Are You Aging Positively?

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Beauty /Skin Review: Great Lakes Gelatin

One day I was shopping at Trader Joes (before this pandemic occurred) and spotted this Collagen Powder from Great Lakes Gelatin. I have been reading about the benefits of drinking collagen from the Internet and from my mom. My mom has always been into beauty and she actually boils her own to drink every week.… Continue reading Beauty /Skin Review: Great Lakes Gelatin

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T.J. Maxx Find: Mirth Beauty Vitamin C

I love a bargain. I mean, who doesn't? Particularly when the bargain ends up with good results. T.J. Maxx is always a great place to find unique items at a discounted price. You just need to know what to look for and where to look or you may end up walking out of that place… Continue reading T.J. Maxx Find: Mirth Beauty Vitamin C

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Skin Review: Acne Pimple Patch

You would think acne would end when you're pass the puberty years, but apparently life loves to play cruel jokes on us. I guess that is why the acne industry is such a big boom because apparently over 90% of the world's population suffer from this ghastly imperfection plaguing our faces and bodies on a… Continue reading Skin Review: Acne Pimple Patch