Being Magnetic

Message of the Day 12/05/21

Here is your Message of the Day! May you take my message with love and light and full of growth. Many blessings for you throughout the day. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel ❤️

Being Magnetic

I Created A YOUTUBE Channel

Hooray! With deep contemplation and so many people suggesting that I do - I finally created a Youtube Channel. On the channel will have exclusive in-depth readings that are geared towards individual zodiac signs and/or Pick A Card topics. I am really excited for this new journey in my life and I hope you all… Continue reading I Created A YOUTUBE Channel

Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #280

You’re always trying to play games But I knew the rules Before you even read them out I studied your moves And your repeating patterns You, determining to win In the end, however You were the one left Wondering why you lost And how I broke your heart Instead