Being Magnetic, Random Thoughts

Allow The Universe To Work It’s Magic

Once you have planted an idea in your head of something that you want, the idea will begin to sprout. It will begin to take form in your mind and the universe will begin to create it. The idea will be a seed but that tiny itty bitty seed will become a flower as time passes, as long as you believe.

Being Magnetic

Examine The Rainbow After Every Storm

There will be many times that you will tested in life, and these trials and tribulations are essential to your growth, but how you view it and feel towards it is what is important. You could take every storm as a tragedy in your life or you could take it as a lesson in your vitality.

Poetry, Positive Poem Series

Positive Poem: Allowing Others To Hold You Back

Ahhh, no one has the control or power over you unless you allow them. Stop allowing others to control you or to tell you what to do. Release your fears and tell anyone who doesn't support you to "shove it" and do what is best for you. - Peace and Love

Being Magnetic, Random Thoughts

When we energetically starve ourselves, we try to fill the need physically

What set of ideas are we thinking before and after? How are we feeling before this disconnection occurs and how do we feel after? Jot down your answers to these questions and examine what patterns are continuously forming every time you disconnect. Once you determine the pattern(s), you can start making changes.