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Children’s Game Review: Sum Swamp

As a parent and a former teacher I am always interested in finding games that I could play with my child while teaching them some academic skill. This makes learning fun and instills a life long love for learning, which I find really important. When my daughter was 4 years and 3 months old, she… Continue reading Children’s Game Review: Sum Swamp

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Children’s Game Review: Zingo

Zingo is a game very similar to Bingo but with a twist. The actual tagline for the game is, "Bingo with a Zing", so I am pretty close. This is a game that my family and I have enjoyed playing some time now. It is a pretty simple to play with my five year old… Continue reading Children’s Game Review: Zingo

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IEP Meetings Should Require A Day Off

As a former educator who was in charge of writing and scheduling IEP meetings, I find it frustrating when a lot of parents are unable to attend their child's meetings. Now this isn't due to the fact that they do not want to attend, but they are always having to make a choice between going to work (and getting paid) or missing work (and not getting paid).