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Children's Game Review: Koala Capers

I love playing games with my daughter because I am not very good at role playing. I feel awkward pretending to be someone I am not and I do not really enjoy playing with dolls. So instead of playing dress up or pretend, I prefer purchasing games for my daughter to interact with her. This… Continue reading Children's Game Review: Koala Capers

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Since everyone is stuck at home with their kids all day, my daughter and I created our very own math board game. We posted a video online on YouTube to share our guidelines and our process. My video editing skills suck but you get the gist of it. We challenge all kids to create a… Continue reading #MathBoardGameChallenge

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Teaching From Home: Number Story Problem

School has been officially closed in NYC until April 20th and that leaves a lot of parents clueless on what to do with their children all day. My daughter and I have decided that we wanted to help her friends to continue learning from home through the use of video tutorials. Please excuse any errors… Continue reading Teaching From Home: Number Story Problem

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Can The Authentically You Please Stand Up?

Click on Audio to Listen Since starting this blog, everyone has given me so much advice about how I can improve it and/or grow it but the one piece of advice everyone agrees on is "be authentically you". In other words, be real. But what does that even mean anymore? To me? To today's standards?… Continue reading Can The Authentically You Please Stand Up?