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#OOTD 6/25/20; How Has Your Perspective Of Yourself Changed?

HOW HAS YOUR PERSPECTIVE OF YOURSELF CHANGED? When you strip away certain parts of yourself that no longer serve you, you are left with a different perspective. It could be life altering when you see yourself in all your glory without the noise and the distractions that surround you and have affected you for so… Continue reading #OOTD 6/25/20; How Has Your Perspective Of Yourself Changed?

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#OOTD 4/14/20

Today was a late start for me. I woke up late but I did get a quick HIIT workout in. I did the laundry and I braved the grocery store with my little one, with both of us wearing masks. Going outside, especially with my daughter, gives me so much anxiety that I rush home… Continue reading #OOTD 4/14/20

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#ootd 4/8/20

@totounbranded love supporting designers from all over the world . This outfit is from #kenya and it’s such a cute sweatpants sweatshirt combo. First time rocking this and I would rather be out wearing it at some trendy #brunch spot in #nyc eating delicious #food and drinking some #wine or #cocktail #ootd #stayhome#fashionable#homefashion #homefashions#ladyinred #abercrombie… Continue reading #ootd 4/8/20

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Wannabe Fashionista Mom

Growing up with not a lot of money, I was always interested in mixing and matching items that I had found from the nearby Goodwill. But it was still difficult to find what I liked in my size due to my petite stature (my extra petite self). Being under 5 feet, I had many people… Continue reading Wannabe Fashionista Mom