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#OOTD 06/29/20; What Does A Bikini Body Look Like To You?

WHAT DOES A BIKINI BODY LOOK LIKE TO YOU? To me, its about CONFIDENCE, nothing more and nothing less. It's not a look, it's a feeling. Being part of the "Itty Bitty Committee", I have always been self conscious about wearing swim wear and would coverup my body - seriously. I didn't feel womanly and… Continue reading #OOTD 06/29/20; What Does A Bikini Body Look Like To You?

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#OOTD 4/28/20

WHAT DID THEY SAY? One thing I have always disliked hearing is #dressyourage or better yet #dressyoursize.  What is my response to that? Dress however you want. I am fabulous and 40 but I will always dress the way I feel: 21 forever baby. I do not care how old I get or how frail… Continue reading #OOTD 4/28/20

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The World Is Yours For The Taking, Just Believe in Yourself.

You are an asset in this world and your presence in this world is enough to change it. Whatever it is that you choose to do with your life, believe that you deserve it. It's such a simple statement but it's extremely powerful if you want to control the trajectory of your life.