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How Sweet Are You?

HOW SWEET ARE YOU? Being sweet does not mean you're weak but having the ability to choose kindness. When you choose kindness you can help heal the world through personal interactions and connections whether through a smile or through a conversation. With Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream, I am able to soothe my skin… Continue reading How Sweet Are You?

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How Do You Cleanse Yourself?

HOW DO YOU CLEANSE YOUR SELF? Our lives are full of toxins and toxic people and the last thing we ever want is for them to stay in us and near us. In order to maintain a high vibrational level, we must evaluate how we are and how we react to people. I choose to… Continue reading How Do You Cleanse Yourself?

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Are You Your Own Dynamic Duo?

ARE YOU YOUR OWN DYNAMIC DUO? #Ad; A month ago I was gifted two amazing products from DuoLife: DuoLife Day and DuoLife Night to try. Each one specifically designed to be used at a certain time of day while providing nutrients that rejuvenated me during the day and more relaxed at night. DuoLife Day started… Continue reading Are You Your Own Dynamic Duo?

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Unboxing: DuoLife Day & Night

This is my first ever unboxing video and I was completely nervous! I present to you the DuoLife Day and Night Set that was gifted to me. It contains two products: one for the day and one for the night. They help with cell regeneration and boosts the immune system. I am so excited to try these two… Continue reading Unboxing: DuoLife Day & Night