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#OOTD 7/01/20; What Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth?

WHAT SATISFIES YOUR SWET TOOTH? I have such a sweet tooth that I tend to stuff my face all too often with food items that may cause me stomach aches later, lol. I'm learning that in order to fulfill both my sweet tooth and my belly, I had to find healthier options. One day while… Continue reading #OOTD 7/01/20; What Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth?

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Skin Review: Jojoba Oil

Finding natural skin care has been my latest thing. I realized all the chemicals I have been placing on my face has caused my skin to dry out, break out, and create more premature wrinkles than I would have liked. On my quest for natural skin care products wouldn't do any of the aforementioned, I… Continue reading Skin Review: Jojoba Oil

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Children’s Book Review: Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

My daughter has read the other books written by the author Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts: a) Iggy Peck, Architect, b) Rosie Revere, Engineer, and c) Ada Twist, Scientist. All of them were a big hit and all of them are in our collection. The latest book to become part of bookshelf and… Continue reading Children’s Book Review: Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

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Movie Review: Frozen 2

When "Frozen" came out in 2013, it was a huge hit for Disney and the toys were being thrust upon us in every direction. Thank God I had missed this time of "Frozen Fever", or so I thought. Fast forward to 2014 when my daughter was born and to the year of 2017 where she… Continue reading Movie Review: Frozen 2