Love Letter #88

While you’re gone

I will not have lost much

but will gain more time

in developing who I am

I get to focus on me

and do all the things that I love to do

I get to please me

and learn to smile again

to love myself again

instead of always focusing on you

in making you happy

Then why do I keep letting you back in?

Love Letter #87

So here you go again

running to your cave

to think about all the things 

that are on your mind

your job

your school

your love


I wonder if I am on your mind

when you’re in your dark cave

are you thinking of me?

am I the one who you’re really

thinking about?

am I the one who made you run?

Just know that when you reemerge

I will be here waiting for you

in the sunlight.

Love Letter #86

It was so easy to catch me back then

a girl oozing with low self esteem

sweet words with no backup

made me succumb to the many boys

who entered my life

told me lies

after lies

believing them all to be true

because I lacked what I needed

inside of me

It was so easy to catch me back then

just open the door for me

tell me how pretty I am

caress my hair

and tell me what I want to hear

now after all these years

I laugh at what a fool I was

because I am not so easy to catch anymore

except when it comes to you

Love Letter #85

I met you in a shady corner of this club

that played hiphop music

you rubbed up close to me

moving to the beat of the song

you told me how pretty I was

I never heard those words before

so it was easy to catch me back then

we exchanged numbers that night

my heart fluttered

I couldn’t believe a man 

who was like you

was attracted to me

we kissed a few days later

and cuddled together

in my dorm room

our relationship quickly turned into friendship

and after all these years

I still call you my friend

Love Letter #84

I came to New York City

for the endless diversity

that I never received in my small little town

I saw so many ethnicities

mixed with exquisite cuisines

different flavors and swagger all around

surrounding my nights with the sights and sounds

overwhelmed adrenaline of the nightlife scene

flashes of light and heavy music of the bass

friendships coming and going

as I bask in this cultural phenomenon

sinking deeper into my emotions 

of the many men who wanted to seek my pleasure

but I soon discovered

they were not much different

 than what I had left behind.

Love Letter #83

Oh baby

the way you seduce me

sets my body on fire

lighting the flame that I thought had gone out


you bring moisture to a once deserted place

capturing hot flashes

not brought upon by age

but by the touch of your fingers

the taste of your lips

the thrust of your loins

I love the way that you seduce me.

Love Letter #82

Oh you Leo Man

You’re the King of the Jungle

Nah the African Prince that’s for sure

rocking that swagger and confidence

Many women at your beck and call

wanting to sit beside you on your throne

but you’re a Lion, ready to roam

the African plains for the perfect Lioness

someone who’s slick and just as juicy

ready to rock the runway strutting Gucci

I can be your Michelle and You can be Barack

I could be your steady Betty rock

luxurious, charming and enticing

jewels, diamond filled with icing

stubborn to the core

and think you’re always right 

that’s for sure

I want to love you forever

past the end of the night

oh you Leo man

I just want to hold your hand

while we step onto the spotlight 

our future is destined 

if you’re ready to share the limelight  

Love Letter #81

I never loved a Cancer boy

but I know how they turn off and on

like a switch of a light

going from vicious moodiness

to overshadowing bright

they are ambitious with their compassion

but will argue their point 

until there is a clash in

butting heads with people who think differently

than them

will get their way until everyone gives in

but you’re loyal and into your family

loving every one of them to the T.

They will stand up for you and be overly


defending you against other’s perspective.

You’re the most tender lover that I never had

but I must tread lightly before I get you mad

I don’t know if I will get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde

but if I listen closely and open up

you could be my closest confident 

and I’ll hopefully become the girl

you’ll always want.

Love Letter #80

I am always at your beck and call

whenever you come around

I hang my tongue out

waiting to be touched and rubbed

I can’t get enough of you

even when you disappear for weeks on end

I still forgive you

welcoming you back with the wag of my tail

why do I keep falling for you

when I know that

you’re just a fucking dog?