Being Magnetic, Fashion

#OOTD 4/28/20

WHAT DID THEY SAY? One thing I have always disliked hearing is #dressyourage or better yet #dressyoursize.  What is my response to that? Dress however you want. I am fabulous and 40 but I will always dress the way I feel: 21 forever baby. I do not care how old I get or how frail… Continue reading #OOTD 4/28/20

Being Magnetic, Fashion

#OOTD Hump Day 4/22/20

#Humpday yay! What are you getting yourself into today? Are you going to take a walk, workout a bit, read a book, or #Netflix and chill?  Whatever it is that you decide to do, give your all. Don't worry about what others are doing and how they are doing it; only focus on yourself.  When… Continue reading #OOTD Hump Day 4/22/20

Being Magnetic, Fashion

#OOTD 4/15/20

Workout 🏋️‍♂️ clothes are all the rage and I love this get up that I purchased from @forever21 #forever21 in neon orange. Size xs. Brings out the color in me and I love color . Not a fan of black and have been avoiding wearing anything black for years because color helps me mentally vibe… Continue reading #OOTD 4/15/20

Being Magnetic, Fashion, Fashion

#OOTD 4/14/20

Today was a late start for me. I woke up late but I did get a quick HIIT workout in. I did the laundry and I braved the grocery store with my little one, with both of us wearing masks. Going outside, especially with my daughter, gives me so much anxiety that I rush home… Continue reading #OOTD 4/14/20