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Children's Book Review: Phonics For Kindergarten

If you are a parent that is focused on reading skills for your child, continue to read about this review to see if this book is beneficial in helping your child (or any child you may know) learn how to read. While researching Amazon, I discovered "Phonics For Kindergarten" by "Home Work Books". I wanted… Continue reading Children's Book Review: Phonics For Kindergarten

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Children’s Game Review: Zingo

Zingo is a game very similar to Bingo but with a twist. The actual tagline for the game is, "Bingo with a Zing", so I am pretty close. This is a game that my family and I have enjoyed playing some time now. It is a pretty simple to play with my five year old… Continue reading Children’s Game Review: Zingo

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Children's Game Review: Koala Capers

I love playing games with my daughter because I am not very good at role playing. I feel awkward pretending to be someone I am not and I do not really enjoy playing with dolls. So instead of playing dress up or pretend, I prefer purchasing games for my daughter to interact with her. This… Continue reading Children's Game Review: Koala Capers

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Food Review: Amazon Meal Kit Rigatoni Beef Bolognese

For the past two months Amazon Meal Kits did not change and I had to repeat several meals that I was growing tired of. I mean, after you eat a meal over and over again, don't you become bored with the meal? Even if you had initial felt thrill when first devouring it? Thank goodness… Continue reading Food Review: Amazon Meal Kit Rigatoni Beef Bolognese

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I Rather Be Naked

In the booming makeup industry, people are buying ridiculous amounts of makeup in "beautifying" themselves and it has caused an excess in beauty products that are stuck in my cabinet drawers and has created an uptick in counterfeit cosmetics (that can cause more harm than good). Once upon a time I even subscribed to "Ipsy"… Continue reading I Rather Be Naked

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Your Child Can Give You Good Advice In Return

There are times when I am super surprised by my little one that it takes my breathe away and reaffirms that I am doing a good job as a parent. Because as any parent understands, it can be very difficult raising a child and seeing if you're doing a good job or not. I've been… Continue reading Your Child Can Give You Good Advice In Return