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Message of the Day 12/05/21

Here is your Message of the Day! May you take my message with love and light and full of growth. Many blessings for you throughout the day. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel ❤️

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How Are You Remembered?

HOW ARE YOU REMEMBERED? People have always said that I have brought a smile and positivity into their life and to this day many people have come back into my life telling me how much I made them happy and how I had always believed in them. I am thankful for this power that I… Continue reading How Are You Remembered?

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Are You Your Own Sugar Daddy?

ARE YOU YOUR OWN SUGAR DADDY? Life is sweet but it's sweeter when you can take care of yourself and pay your own bills. We don't need sugar daddies or sugar mommies to take care of us when we have the tools to take of ourselves. One thing I've always loved about who I am… Continue reading Are You Your Own Sugar Daddy?

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#OOTD 6/30/20; What Does It Mean To Be Masculine or Feminine?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE MASCULINE OR FEMININE? Growing up there were so many behaviors that were classified as either one or the other that it has been a detriment to my peers and I growing up (and unfortunately continue to plague future generations). However, a rise in awareness and acceptance from all backgrounds… Continue reading #OOTD 6/30/20; What Does It Mean To Be Masculine or Feminine?