Being Magnetic

Message of the Day 12/05/21

Here is your Message of the Day! May you take my message with love and light and full of growth. Many blessings for you throughout the day. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel ❤️

Being Magnetic

Card of the Day 8/3/21

Daily Readings: PICK A CARD. These cards are called "The Key" Oracle deck by Michelle Moceri and Kelly J Parsons. I took the words from the card itself because the messages are pure and simple. Enjoy your card of the day!

Being Magnetic

August Predictions: Tarot Pick A Card

August 2021 Predictions: (Time Stamps are provided below). Every day we have the ability to grow and our choices make up our destiny. When we choose ourselves and are open to love, honesty and faith - we can achieve anything. May your August be filled with love and light. Please pick ONE pile (that one… Continue reading August Predictions: Tarot Pick A Card

Being Magnetic, Manifesting Your Best Life

Learn to Let Go and Not Take Things Personally

As we journey through life, we encounter many circumstances and people who influence us, for either the good or the bad. We take in conversations and interactions we have had to gain a better insight into how people are and how we are as human beings. We cultivate our mindset into what we perceive based… Continue reading Learn to Let Go and Not Take Things Personally