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#OOTD 6/13/20 ; What’s Your Love Language?

π•Žβ„π”Έπ•‹'π•Š π•π•†π•Œβ„ 𝕃𝕆𝕍𝔼 π•ƒπ”Έβ„•π”Ύπ•Œπ”Έπ”Ύπ”Ό? Different flowers represent different things. And just like flowers, we all communicate differently. The key, however, is to communicate how we feel and how we love and to also learn how others communicate too. When we come from a place of understanding and compassion, no matter what language we speak -… Continue reading #OOTD 6/13/20 ; What’s Your Love Language?

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Speak Kind Words To Yourself

Most of our struggles lie internally. We overthink and over analyze conversations, interactions, and our feelings to the point of exhausting and at times, depression. We replay over and over again our negative interactions and our negative emotions until we just collapse in a sea of sorrow that has us gasping for air. We beat… Continue reading Speak Kind Words To Yourself