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#OOTD 7/01/20; What Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth?

WHAT SATISFIES YOUR SWET TOOTH? I have such a sweet tooth that I tend to stuff my face all too often with food items that may cause me stomach aches later, lol. I'm learning that in order to fulfill both my sweet tooth and my belly, I had to find healthier options. One day while… Continue reading #OOTD 7/01/20; What Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth?

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Beauty /Skin Review: Great Lakes Gelatin

One day I was shopping at Trader Joes (before this pandemic occurred) and spotted this Collagen Powder from Great Lakes Gelatin. I have been reading about the benefits of drinking collagen from the Internet and from my mom. My mom has always been into beauty and she actually boils her own to drink every week.… Continue reading Beauty /Skin Review: Great Lakes Gelatin