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#OOTD 7/01/20; What Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth?

WHAT SATISFIES YOUR SWET TOOTH? I have such a sweet tooth that I tend to stuff my face all too often with food items that may cause me stomach aches later, lol. I'm learning that in order to fulfill both my sweet tooth and my belly, I had to find healthier options. One day while… Continue reading #OOTD 7/01/20; What Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth?

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Staying Healthy During Quarantine

On my runs to the supermarket these past couple of weeks, I bought a few cans of dry goods and a lot of processed foods. I could feel my stomach expanding regardless if I ate these items or not. However, I wanted to still maintain some sort of normalcy in my food intake and have… Continue reading Staying Healthy During Quarantine