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Do You Believe In Mercury Retrograde?

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MERCURY RETROGRADE? Typically planets move from east to west around the sun. But three to four times during the year, Mercury moves in the opposite (west to east) direction to the Earth, hence Mercury Retrograde. This creates an illusion and makes things appear slower than they actually are. Many believe this… Continue reading Do You Believe In Mercury Retrograde?

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Friday the 13th Fitness

To be honest, I worked out yesterday on the 12th but wanted to post this today due to yesterday being an off day for me. Feeling down about certain things in my life and this craziness that’s happening around, I have been feeling unsure, like most of us. So I had to take a break,… Continue reading Friday the 13th Fitness

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Becoming Older Is A Revelation

On December 25th, 2019, I officially became 40 years old. It has been a long road to this age and this is the first time in my life where I wasn't excited. I was not inspired or thrilled to throw a party or even celebrate it in someway.