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Children’s Game Review: Shopping List

One thing that my daughter struggles with is memory with what I had asked her to do one minute ago. Like girl, what's wrong with you? How could you have forgotten what I just told you? Anyhoo, I decided that maybe a memory game could help her remember the things that I have told her.… Continue reading Children’s Game Review: Shopping List

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Resting Teacher Face: Breaks for Teachers Are a Must!

As a former teacher, I would always look forward to all the breaks that we had throughout the year but particularly the one during the holiday season. It is usually one of the longest and of course, the most festive. Seeing all the photos of my former colleagues enjoy their time off, I always like… Continue reading Resting Teacher Face: Breaks for Teachers Are a Must!

Teacher Life

IEP Meetings Should Require A Day Off

As a former educator who was in charge of writing and scheduling IEP meetings, I find it frustrating when a lot of parents are unable to attend their child's meetings. Now this isn't due to the fact that they do not want to attend, but they are always having to make a choice between going to work (and getting paid) or missing work (and not getting paid).