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How Have Your Parenting Style Changed?

HOW HAVE YOUR PARENTING STYLE CHANGED? 2019 seems like a million years ago since 2020 began and oh my gosh - it isn't even over yet. Many, many things have changed and what we have known for so long - isn't what we know or have now. Parenting is not excluded from this narrative. Parents,… Continue reading How Have Your Parenting Style Changed?

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Two pictures, two different circumstances

These two images have infuriated people but one picture shows people who need and have to get to work because they have no choice. They are essential and they need to feed their families. They do not have the luxury or the PRIVILEGE to work from home. Research has found that the most crowded trains… Continue reading Two pictures, two different circumstances

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Since everyone is stuck at home with their kids all day, my daughter and I created our very own math board game. We posted a video online on YouTube to share our guidelines and our process. My video editing skills suck but you get the gist of it. We challenge all kids to create a… Continue reading #MathBoardGameChallenge

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Fomo:Officially Cancelled

We used to scroll through our feed and view many photos of people unassumingly enjoying life, spending time with friends and traveling the globe. Now we only see videos about the Corona Virus, people who are hoarding and thankfully, acts of kindness through these trying times. Even though we may be stuck in the house… Continue reading Fomo:Officially Cancelled