Quick Thought Session 28: Stop Downplaying Your Goals

You have some great aspirations booboo. You feel it in your bones. You know you are destined for greatness but you just feel anxious about telling others.

What will they think of you?

Will they support you?

Are you good enough?

What if you come across as ego-centric?

What if you fail?

What would that say about you if you tell everyone what you deserve?

What if your goals aren’t attainable?

I need you to stop. You are good enough and your goals are attainable. However, you need to stop doubting yourself and downplaying your goals. What’s right for you isn’t going to be right for everyone else. You must first get your mind out of this negative mindset, then you need to believe you can do this, and last certainly not least, go out and do whatever it is that makes you happy. Life is too short to allow yourself to settle into a life that you weren’t meant to be living. You got this!

Quick Thought Session 19: Stop Making Everything about You!

Okay booboo, I came to you for advice. I really wanted to open to you and share whatever the hell I was going through at that particular moment in time but instead of listening to me you made it about you.

“Oh why didn’t I tell you before?”

“Why weren’t you the first to hear my cries?”

“Oh what is it about you that I didn’t want to open up to first?”

Stop! Hold up! Wait a minute. I am here now, asking you for help. This right now isn’t about you but about me. If you can’t lend me an ear and help me out with my issues, then you know there will no next time especially when you just made it about you.

Booboo, not everything revolves around you. Sometimes people aren’t going to put you as their number one go to person for their problems. That is not their job. They aren’t here to build your ego and stroke your arm. They are here to live their best life that they need to live. Your job is to have a bit of compassion by listening and not turning it around into a “me, me, me” situation. Because next time, I will not go to you and I will seek out someone else who doesn’t turn my issues around into a “you” issue.

So, next time just listen. Be my friend and try not to overanalyze everything. Give me a hug and let us do something fun together. You got this!

Believe In Your Self

Before you close your eyes tonight, remember this one thing:

There are many people out in the world doing the things that you want to do. They may be less qualified than you are and less experienced. However, they may have something you do not have: THE BELIEF IN ONE SELF.

Never let your doubts control your past, present and especially your future. You could have all the skills in the world, all the structures in place but if you simply do not believe you can achieve the things you want, YOU WILL FAIL.

Take that LEAP OF FAITH and believe anything IS for you if you truly believe you deserve it.