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#OOTD 5/28/20 Do You Focus More On Outer Beauty?

DO YOU FOCUS MORE ON OUTER BEAUTY? When you're too focused on the outside you lose sight on what's important - the inside. You're too fixated on how you appear to yourself and others that you forget what it actually means to be "beautiful". Being beautiful is thinking beyond who you are and treating people… Continue reading #OOTD 5/28/20 Do You Focus More On Outer Beauty?

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#OOTD 4/25/20 DO YOU

Being Quarantined I see plenty of people working out and posting fitness videos - More Power to You!  However, if you're not in the mood and if that's not your thing, so be it.  Do not feel pressured to do anything that isn't you or do something because other people are doing it. Do what… Continue reading #OOTD 4/25/20 DO YOU

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Skin Review: Jojoba Oil

Finding natural skin care has been my latest thing. I realized all the chemicals I have been placing on my face has caused my skin to dry out, break out, and create more premature wrinkles than I would have liked. On my quest for natural skin care products wouldn't do any of the aforementioned, I… Continue reading Skin Review: Jojoba Oil

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Wannabe Fashionista Mom

Growing up with not a lot of money, I was always interested in mixing and matching items that I had found from the nearby Goodwill. But it was still difficult to find what I liked in my size due to my petite stature (my extra petite self). Being under 5 feet, I had many people… Continue reading Wannabe Fashionista Mom

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I Rather Be Naked

In the booming makeup industry, people are buying ridiculous amounts of makeup in "beautifying" themselves and it has caused an excess in beauty products that are stuck in my cabinet drawers and has created an uptick in counterfeit cosmetics (that can cause more harm than good). Once upon a time I even subscribed to "Ipsy"… Continue reading I Rather Be Naked

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Hair Review: Lime Crime Full Coverage Hair Dye

I dyed my hair in August 2019 a nice vibrant purple at a hair salon in the city. I was elated because I finally took the plunge and did something so out of the ordinary. It felt like I had emerged out of my shell and felt freedom for the first time. I know it's… Continue reading Hair Review: Lime Crime Full Coverage Hair Dye