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I Rather Be Naked

In the booming makeup industry, people are buying ridiculous amounts of makeup in "beautifying" themselves and it has caused an excess in beauty products that are stuck in my cabinet drawers and has created an uptick in counterfeit cosmetics (that can cause more harm than good). Once upon a time I even subscribed to "Ipsy"… Continue reading I Rather Be Naked

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Can The Authentically You Please Stand Up?

Click on Audio to Listen Since starting this blog, everyone has given me so much advice about how I can improve it and/or grow it but the one piece of advice everyone agrees on is "be authentically you". In other words, be real. But what does that even mean anymore? To me? To today's standards?… Continue reading Can The Authentically You Please Stand Up?

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Being You Is The Only Way You Should Be

I remember before we ever had the Internet and Instagram, we used to run around outside and play with the neighborhood kids. We were fierce creatures running around until the sun set and woke up on Saturday mornings craving for our Saturday morning cartoons. We still dealt with some hardships but I remember it was… Continue reading Being You Is The Only Way You Should Be