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#OOTD Nostalgia

Feeling a bit #nostalgic and wanted to channel #clueless with this ensemble. Anyone watching some good movies from their youth? If so, share below! Some of my favorites are Goonies, Ghostbusters, Commando, Terminator, She's All That, Predator, Passenger 57, The Joy Luck Club, The Karate Kid, Ghost, Pretty Woman. I am sure I am missing… Continue reading #OOTD Nostalgia

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I Got My Hair Did

No I didn't go to the salon because well, I can't. I did the next best thing - I did it myself. I know, what was I thinking? Have I finally lost it? I always do well under pressure and no matter what life throws at me, I just find a solution. I figured there… Continue reading I Got My Hair Did

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Food Review: Amazon Meal Kit Pan-Roasted Za-Atar Chicken

I love a quick and easy meal that has a lot of flavor with minimal work. I mean, who doesn't? The Amazon meals tend to run me around 30 to 40 minutes because I extremely slow and precise and the last thing I want to do is make a mistake that could ruin the entire… Continue reading Food Review: Amazon Meal Kit Pan-Roasted Za-Atar Chicken

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Skin Review: Jojoba Oil

Finding natural skin care has been my latest thing. I realized all the chemicals I have been placing on my face has caused my skin to dry out, break out, and create more premature wrinkles than I would have liked. On my quest for natural skin care products wouldn't do any of the aforementioned, I… Continue reading Skin Review: Jojoba Oil