Quick Thought Session #37: When You Focus On The Negative, You Are Going To Get More Of It

I’ve become obsessed with my face as of late, particularly around my chin area. It seems like whenever I have gotten rid of one zit, another pops up and yells out “surprise bitch!” Ugh, my never ending cycle of trying to get rid of my stubborn acne ,that just won’t go away ever, since I started puberty.

Well, instead of being patient, I began to experiment with everything imaginable to the point that my skin burned and I developed scabs on my chin. My skin was patchy and had a thick layer of dark dried skin that was desperately trying to heal it self from my self sabotage in my pursuit of clear skin. Now my next mission was to get my skin back to looking at least normal and getting rid of the scabs that developed from me over picking it and my over use of certain products.

Using natural skin care remedies, I finally was able to remove the scabs on my face and what do I see? But that very same pimple that was there in the first place. I didn’t even get rid of it. I pretty must almost burned by chin off and here was this pimple screaming out, “fuck you” to me. I wanted to scream and I wanted to rip by face off.

But then a thought hit me: I was so focused on getting “rid” of something that I was creating more of it. Holy shit, did this mentality apply to my skin too? Was my negative vibration causing my acne to fight against me and create a war zone on my chin? Was I so focused on the problem that I was just creating more of a problem and then some?

That’s when I knew I had to change my mind set about my skin. It wasn’t the enemy, but my mind was. I couldn’t take this never ending battle anymore and I simply said, “Fuck it. Let me just chill and use natural products and be patient”. So here I am being patient and fighting my urges to pick at my skin, like really fighting it.

And guess what? My skin has gotten better! Is it 100% yet? No. But it’s on its way because I am not focusing on the negative anymore. I just can’t stress about it and I will work patiently in finding a solution that works best for me. I will focus on what is going “right” for my skin and work off of that.

So the moral of my story is: when you focus more of shit, more shit happens to you. Turn your brain around, along with your vibrations and think about what is working. You’ll get more of that! – Peace and Love