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What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween? So this is my Who Am I? Part 3. Guess each character or celebrity from the clues provided. Have fun guessing and I hope everyone's Halloween isn't canceled this year!

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What’s My Name? Part 1

WHAT'S MY NAME? Part 1. I love a good trivia when it comes to pop culture, lol. Here is my version of Guess Who? Below are my hints. Please comment with the celebrity's name or tag them in the comments below. Bonus points if you guess the song or movie. I have a famous sibling… Continue reading What’s My Name? Part 1

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Maintaining Our Self-Worth While Still Being Self-Less

Are you the type that tends to gravitate towards people who are in constant need of help? Are you the type who rises above every challenge and tries your best to solve every situation with a solution? Do you ever find yourself exhausted and overwhelmed by everyone and their own personal needs? If your answer… Continue reading Maintaining Our Self-Worth While Still Being Self-Less

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4 Reasons To Allow Anyone Back Into your Life

The 4 reasons to allow anyone back in your life from your past.