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Skin Review: Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen

I've been lucky enough to be brought up by a mother who is a bit of a narcissist obsessed with her skin. Even growing up in a one room studio, my mom has always prided herself in looking her best and maintaining a youthful appearance. Now at almost 60 years old, she looks incredible for… Continue reading Skin Review: Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen

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Beauty /Skin Review: Great Lakes Gelatin

One day I was shopping at Trader Joes (before this pandemic occurred) and spotted this Collagen Powder from Great Lakes Gelatin. I have been reading about the benefits of drinking collagen from the Internet and from my mom. My mom has always been into beauty and she actually boils her own to drink every week.… Continue reading Beauty /Skin Review: Great Lakes Gelatin

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Children's Book Review: Phonics For Kindergarten

If you are a parent that is focused on reading skills for your child, continue to read about this review to see if this book is beneficial in helping your child (or any child you may know) learn how to read. While researching Amazon, I discovered "Phonics For Kindergarten" by "Home Work Books". I wanted… Continue reading Children's Book Review: Phonics For Kindergarten

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I Got My Hair Did

No I didn't go to the salon because well, I can't. I did the next best thing - I did it myself. I know, what was I thinking? Have I finally lost it? I always do well under pressure and no matter what life throws at me, I just find a solution. I figured there… Continue reading I Got My Hair Did

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Children’s Game Review: Zingo

Zingo is a game very similar to Bingo but with a twist. The actual tagline for the game is, "Bingo with a Zing", so I am pretty close. This is a game that my family and I have enjoyed playing some time now. It is a pretty simple to play with my five year old… Continue reading Children’s Game Review: Zingo

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Results From Sleeping On My Back

I love to sleep. I truly do. if it was a job, I would be a multi-millionaire by now. It is essential for me to be energized the next day and it is also important for my overall health and beauty needs. However, how I sleep has been really affecting how I see myself in… Continue reading Results From Sleeping On My Back

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Staying Healthy During Quarantine

On my runs to the supermarket these past couple of weeks, I bought a few cans of dry goods and a lot of processed foods. I could feel my stomach expanding regardless if I ate these items or not. However, I wanted to still maintain some sort of normalcy in my food intake and have… Continue reading Staying Healthy During Quarantine