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Positive Poem: Allowing Others To Hold You Back

Ahhh, no one has the control or power over you unless you allow them. Stop allowing others to control you or to tell you what to do. Release your fears and tell anyone who doesn't support you to "shove it" and do what is best for you. - Peace and Love

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Love Letter #129

I thought you were my twin flame but you just played with my heart like a school girl game. You swept me off my feet and made me feel so complete. Whenever you were around you made me laugh because you were such a clown. But when you weren't around you made my world upside… Continue reading Love Letter #129

Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #128

You were in deep deep disguise Acting like you were some Prince but you just were the Big Bad Wolf ready to eat me alive. You said all the right things and you gave me plenty of attention but none of those things were filled with sincere affection. All you wanted to do was get… Continue reading Love Letter #128