Love Letter #73

Come pick me up

lets go for a ride

run away from our daily grind 

of what we “have to do”

to  what we “want to do”

which is each other

tossing me in the air 

as I wrap my legs around you

caressing my back as I kiss your neck

hearing you moan

pulling me tighter

lifting up my skirt 

quick release of our desires

it’s over before I can say it feels good

until I see you again

I’ll be ready

 for the next ride

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comments below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. Some of these poems can be read as “Spoken Word” or a “Rap Song” or with a “Taylor Swift” angst, lol. – Peace and Love

Love Letter #72

I don’t know what I did wrong

for you to make me feel like I never belong

when I just want to lie in your arms

as you caress me and feeling no harm

I don’t know what I did wrong

to push you away and tell me you didn’t love me

you made my heart full and filled with youthful glee

I wanted to do everything with you and everything for you

I wanted to complete you as you completed me

I thought we were young so inlove and carefree

I don’t know what I did wrong

I thought we were better together and strong

I filled your face with a smile so bright

You told me all my sorrows will go away 

and everything would be alright

I don’t know what I did wrong

to make you not love meam I not good enough

tell me please

so I could be what you want me to be

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comments below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. Some of these poems can be read as “Spoken Word” or a “Rap Song” or with a “Taylor Swift” angst, lol. – Peace and Love

Love Letter #71

I still remember her name

a bitter taste in my mouth

made my life a fuckin horrible mess

fucked up with my life and made me stress

kissed the boy that I liked

thrashing and tangled in a fight

spreading rumors about me 

telling everyone I was a slut

I wanted to punch you to shut you up

you made my life a living fuckin hell

you made me crawl inside this hallow shell

determining who I was in everyone’s eyes

I sat alone in the bathroom 

while they all believed your lies

I still hate you

you fuckin bitch

everyone sees you as this beautiful girl

I just see you as wicked witch

who tried to ruin my life and tear me apart

I set my sight for the sights of New York

ready to go and get a fresh start

forget all about you and your wicked evil ways

but why do you keep creeping up on me every single day?

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comments below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. Some of these poems can be read as “Spoken Word” or a “Rap Song” or with a “Taylor Swift” angst, lol. – Peace and Love

Love Letter #70

No one ever saw me for me 

swimming in the East Coast burning sea

when I was living in a nightmare in a small town

barely surviving the waves, crashing all around

sucking in air in my over sized clothes 

such as the beast watching his last rose

wishing someone could come and rescue me

but treating me as a useless debris

getting spat on and kicked with no apology

wishing the end was near every single day

not liking my small town mind

wishing to run away or killing myself

every other day 

I was barely living only surviving

wishing I was somewhere happy and thriving

then living a life that wasn’t worth living

to this day, these acts can not be forgiven

I breathe in their words and their psychotic minds

I wish I could get over them but they weren’t so kind 

Now I am just an adult playing the same song on rewind

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Love Letter #69

Hey you ugly girl, all of them would say

tears ran down my tear soaked skin

dying inside wanting to run away

the daily struggles of living in the skin that I am in

made me wallow in self pity and shame

no one wanted to be near me or came

to comfort my bitchiness

I was a teenager hot mess

but it wasn’t all just me

it was them and their cruel words

that controlled my every thought and crosswords

about who I was

or who I thought I was

cruel, unscrubbing words embedded in my mind

replayed over and over again

I didn’t have to rewind

I just knew the words by heart

you, ugly girl, skinny little tart

why don’t you just kill yourself

why don’t you choke on your own saliva

why don’t you go over there and die

when will I stop believing all of their lies? 

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Love Letter #68

When I look in the mirror I see so many imperfections

giving my large pores an over attention

examining my impurities

wanting to hurt everything about me

why can’t I accept who I am

why do I always have a plan

on how to change my face

instead of accepting it as is and embrace

everything that God has given me

but I just want to jump out of my skin

and be free from all of this negativity

why can’t I just love the skin that I am in

instead of trying to cover it up and fit in

buying the latest products and filling up my cabinet drawers

defragmenting every damn fucking pore 

nothing ever really works

I just look in the mirror and nearly choke

why can’t I be different, why can’t I be perfect

I need to stop before I wreck my face

and accept what has been handed down to me

so I can live my life without chasing a useless dream

by buying all the latest creams

to be something that I am not

and learn to accept all that I’ve got

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Love Letters: Guest Post Edition #2


Spilled wine 

soft kisses. 

Clothes ripped off

buttons missing.  

Fingers moving

bodies twitching.

A warm embrace 

seductive kisses. 

Fingers to lips

tongue to clit.  

Eyes closed

legs spread further.  

Soft moans

penetrating deeper.

Legs shaking 

screams of pleasure. 

A race to the finish line, 

both of them winning.

Note: This poem was written by a dear friend who is my “ride or die”. Please follow him on Instagram @xswriting to read more of his poetry.

Love Letter #67

I was surrounded by fresh snow growing up

I was made to feel like such a fuck up

nothing but ugliness felt inside

didn’t want to come out, always wanting to hide

trying to blend in

but how can you when

you look so different from others

everyone had the same type of mother

except mine, with her dark melanin skin

warmed by the heat of the sun 

and the struggles she overcame 

battling a country rage in war

I had to hold my head up and be sure

of who I was

but how could I when I was made

to feel less than who I was

I looked different, not like everyone else

so I began to view myself as nothing more 

than what they thought of me

I couldn’t see that I was beautiful too

I couldn’t see that 

until I bid my small town adieu

Note: This poem is very personal to me. It reflects my life and how I was bullied by others because I was different. In order to combat bullying in the present, I am raising my daughter to be a fearless warrior who stands up for herself and others by being kind. Lately, I have witnessed her being bullied and being isolated by her peers. It breaks my heart and I am doing everything that I can to protect her and to have her become aware of what a true friend really is.

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Love Letter #66

I was older by then and I just didn’t know how it was going to be done

I was out partying late at night and having loads of fun

kissing random strangers well into the night

while waiting impatiently for my shining knight

I finally met him in a dark warm lit club

he took my hand and caressed my skin

telling me beautiful things and me letting it all sink in

he was sexy as all hell could be

he told me he only wanted to be with me

I believed in him and his venomous lies

he was a nasty person in deep sweet disguise

we spoke for awhile before I let him have it

we skipped all the wining and dining and the bullshit

it felt uncomfortable, painful to be exact

I felt my body being fully attacked

when it was all over I lay down beside him

he kissed me and caressed me

I was supposed to feel good but felt dread instead

here I was lying with a supposed lover in my bed

hardly knew him but loved him so

but before he had to go

his beeper went off saying “I love you”

what a fool I was to lose my body to you

when you had another side chick boo

who supposedly loved you too

but at least I had done the deed

I had to, had to concede

to finally have it done and ready to move on with my life

but I didn’t know that this one decision

would impact me for the rest of my life

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