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An Omen During My Own Personal Legend

I finally finished reading this book that I had picked up a few months ago. Very surprisingly it took me longer than usual due to the fact that I can finish a book within a few hours or a few days. Granted, they are generally murder mystery novels so I have to finish to determine… Continue reading An Omen During My Own Personal Legend

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A Small Deed Goes A Long Way

I was standing in line today at the grocery store during lunch time with my dinner items ready to be purchased. During this time, many people from the nearby area are on their lunch break and if you know anything about lunch breaks, you know they are way too short. And the last thing you… Continue reading A Small Deed Goes A Long Way

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The NeverEnding Story Urges You to Live Your Dreams

Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s were pure joy in my opinion. The internet and cellphones where a thing of the future while Saturday morning cartoons were our weekly dose of untainted laughter and life lessons. Even though we didn't have the explosion of social media and internet Influencers, what we did have was… Continue reading The NeverEnding Story Urges You to Live Your Dreams

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Midlife Do-Over

It's been a hard road getting to 40 years old but it's even harder trying to find my next chapter in life. Figuring out what inspires me and fills me with passion has been a struggle. However, I am having hope. This morning, while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, one of my old… Continue reading Midlife Do-Over

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When we energetically starve ourselves, we try to fill the need physically

What set of ideas are we thinking before and after? How are we feeling before this disconnection occurs and how do we feel after? Jot down your answers to these questions and examine what patterns are continuously forming every time you disconnect. Once you determine the pattern(s), you can start making changes.

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I Rather Be Naked

In the booming makeup industry, people are buying ridiculous amounts of makeup in "beautifying" themselves and it has caused an excess in beauty products that are stuck in my cabinet drawers and has created an uptick in counterfeit cosmetics (that can cause more harm than good). Once upon a time I even subscribed to "Ipsy"… Continue reading I Rather Be Naked

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Can The Authentically You Please Stand Up?

Click on Audio to Listen Since starting this blog, everyone has given me so much advice about how I can improve it and/or grow it but the one piece of advice everyone agrees on is "be authentically you". In other words, be real. But what does that even mean anymore? To me? To today's standards?… Continue reading Can The Authentically You Please Stand Up?