Being Magnetic

Happy New Year ❤️

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a while but I have been keeping busy. I hope your New Year has been pleasant for you so far and you’re checking off your goal list!

Every year is a chance to start over but I will it’s every day to be honest with you. To not live in regret and to not be stagnant. We have choices and free will to live and do as we please (of course to some extent). But my point is that we shouldn’t wait for things to happen to us or for us but to make them happen for ourselves. I have always gone against the grain and I felt I needed to do what I have always wanted to do: I opened up my own Etsy shop. It’s been a labor of love creating and thinking about ideas that I love and hopefully you would love.

Please check it out and support if you can by following, sharing or shopping. No matter what it is, I appreciate you regardless. I always felt my energy is going to grow through word of mouth and people understanding my energy. I appreciate you all and wish you a blissful New Year!

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