Being Magnetic

It’s Virgo ♍️ Season

IT’S VIRGO SEASON! (August 23 – September 22): Virgos are an Earth sign and are Mutable. That means they are down to earth, pragmatic and diligent. They are also more flexible with the changes in their lives and usually go with the flow. However, once a Virgo is fixated on a project or an idea they will work endlessly to get it “perfect” and will not be satisfied until it meets ALL of their standards. They are known for their way with words and their strong communication skills – they make excellent writers and storytellers. They try to be the perfect partner and are proud of being the “perfect” spouse to their significant other. But if they see abusive tendencies they will always try to find a way out – you’ll just never hear about it because they never want to be called the victim. They tend to bounce back easily (in everyone’s eyes) but behind their cheery demeanor is a warrior that has been through it all. ..

Famous Virgos: @blakelively @blairunderwood_official @melissamccarthy @jackblack @shaniatwain @leamichele @camerondiaz @zendaya @gloriaestefan @padmalakshmi @salmahayek @beyonce @michaelkeatondouglas @idriselba @evanrachelwood @adamsandler @michaelbuble @ryanphillippe @harryconnickjr @tarajiphenson @ludacris @iamjhud @emmy @tylerperry @nas @tomhardy @nickjonas @hollyrpeete @jadapinkettsmith @jimmyfallon @sanaalathan @nicolerichie

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