Being Magnetic

Other Skin Care Brands Be Like…

Since turning a certain age, I’ve begun to notice all of these advertisements from skin care brands promising great results using xyz ingredients, creating campaigns that feature unrealistic models, and/or promoting a product that stretches – rolls – smoothes your skin. I sometimes fall into their trap of false advertisements and sometimes I simply roll my eyes because I just want a brand that doesn’t lie to me or eat at my insecurities. One such brand that is above and beyond others is @skinnova_botanicals (on Instagram) which was created and formulated by the amazing @iam_jenille.patrice . I have grown to adore Jenille because of her realness, her fierceness and her goals for creating a line that comes from her heart. She has tested all of her products on herself personally and has changed the ingredients when they did not work originally. She dedicated her time and energy into a brand that she could back up without the filters, the false advertisements and unrealistic expectations. I used the “Relax and Refresh Antioxidant – Rich Mist” after cleansing my face and to set my makeup. In the video, I am only wearing light foundation and eyeliner. And as you can see, it kept my look natural and light with a sun kissed glow. And who doesn’t want to look like that?..

Songs Featured: 1) Case of the Fake People by TLC and 2) Natural Beauty by Teosha

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