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Aloe Ferox

Being a mom consists of having multiple windows open all the time. To the fun loving mom – to keeping it real to creating a fun loving individual. But self care should never be deleted. With the help of Aloe Unique, I am able to control my wrinkles and update my skin without crashing. Aloe Unique uses Aloe Ferox which is the same species as the Aloe Vera plant but has 20 times more amino acids, making it much more effective. And who wouldn’t want a more effective update that does not crash on you when you’re on a continuous download of being a mom? Please use code 10RAYA, if you plan on purchasing (the code is good until July 31, 2021).
My journey as an influencer took a turn when I decided to not promote anymore products. However, @aloeuniqueusa is one of the ONLY skin care brand I would promote. Being particular, opinionated, and real, I will only promote / advertise products that I truly value and this is one of them. With no parabens, no amical testing and being locally made in South Africa, I stand behind a company that is unique and conscious. Please visit @aloeuniqueusa and place your order today using 10RAYA
Products Used:
Gentle Facial Wash: Gentle removes all makeup while hydrating and moisturizing.
Clarifying Facial Toner: A combination of Aloe Gel, Alantoin and Anti-Oxidants. Helps stimulate collagen production.
Aloe and Honey Gel Mask: Exfoliates dry and sensitive skin, without causing irritation or dryness. Softens skin.
Resurface Ampoules: Refines and repairs skin. Highlights your natural glow. Hydrates skin.

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