Being Magnetic

It’s Capricorn Season!

IT’S CAPRICORN SEASON! As a fellow Capricorn (sun & rising) this is my favorite season. It’s not always my favorite sign, however, depending on each individual person. We are all complex in our own way and we all possess our own power regardless of our sun sign. As Capricorns we are perceived as money-minded individuals but deep within our souls we are creative, passionate and super giving. We tend to give more than we receive and are always everyone else’s cheerleader. We struggle throughout our lives trying to climb up that mountain but we make it appear easy; never speaking about our hardships but defining ourselves based on our actions moving forward. People always have the wrong impression of us but we don’t care about impressing others but keeping it 100 percent real. Please tag or share with a Capricorn who would appreciate this! Please tag @buzzfeed

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