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Have You Fought For Something That Wasn’t Worth It?

HAVE YOU FOUGHT FOR SOMETHING THAT WASN’T WORTH IT? We tend to fight for things that aren’t worth our energy, whether it be a terrible job going no where, a relationship that is long gone, or petty arguments that aren’t worth our time. Learning to pick our battles and walking away from things that no longer serve us, will help us grow and become better people. Because at the end of the day, some things aren’t worth our energy.

I used this song (The Boy Is Mine @brandy @monicadenise ) because I love RnB music from the 90s. This song had an amazing music video because at the end of it, the two women came together and got rid of a toxic person. Learn to get rid of toxic energy – even if its your own.

Special Guest Star, lol.

Song: The Boy Is Mine By Brandy And Monica

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