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What’s Your Vibe?

WHAT IS YOUR VIBE? My vibe is usually very positive, upbeat and kind and I am proud of that. However, my vibe can be hugely affected by people who surround me because I am an empath. That doesn’t mean I am weak, just more compassionate and understanding. I find myself so deep in others’ feelings and emotions that I forget to take care of myself and that includes my eating habits.

For quite some time, I have been in a rush to eat and have always wanted to try a meal replacement protein shake to insure I get my nutrients in. Thankfully I have been #gifted Whole Superfood Vibe by @oxyfreshnutrition. So instead of rushing lunch and not eating as well as I should, I drink this amazing protein shake daily. It has vegetable protein (vegan), made with patented probiotics and 7 nutrient-dense greens. It’s soy free (a must for me) and preservative free. I can go about my day and still vibe high.

WHAT’S YOUR VIBE? Comment below how your vibe style.

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