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Have You Been Accosted By A “Karen”?

HAVE YOU BEEN ACCOSTED BY A “KAREN”? During the summer I had a negative interaction with one. I was physically and emotionally shaken up after my interaction with a Karen. It wasn’t my finest moment either because my crazy butt was not having non of her craziness (plus I was hangry too, so you all know how that affects you, lol). Anyways, I thought about my personal interaction with her and found the whole thing crazy and funny in my own twisted way. So I thought, what if Karens were like this instead? This is my reimagining of how absurd and twisted they can be, lol. And sorry for everyone who is named Karen, you’re the newest Felicia.

On a serious note, these interactions with Karens is uncalled for and unnecessary because it increases the profiling for people of color. With our current political climate, how we treat and interact with each other is so important. Everyone should be treated as a human being and not as a hostile being due to their color of their skin.

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