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How Sweet Are You?

HOW SWEET ARE YOU? Being sweet does not mean you’re weak but having the ability to choose kindness. When you choose kindness you can help heal the world through personal interactions and connections whether through a smile or through a conversation. With Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream, I am able to soothe my skin with 6 types of premium honey blend. It leaves my skin smooth while helping to strengthen my skin’s barriers but keeping my interior soft. With a tough exterior and a kind interior, I choose to spread kindness while standing in my own power by making people laugh.  #banilaxinfluenster #contest #complimentary @banilacousa @influenster

I am sweet: a) I listen and remember things about people, b) I give my honest advice if you ask me without sugar coating it, c) I am supportive of whatever you decide to do.

HOW SWEET ARE YOU? Comment below with one thing you do that makes you sweet.

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