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How Do You Cleanse Yourself?

HOW DO YOU CLEANSE YOUR SELF? Our lives are full of toxins and toxic people and the last thing we ever want is for them to stay in us and near us. In order to maintain a high vibrational level, we must evaluate how we are and how we react to people. I choose to cleanse them away from my life right away, whether scrubbing them out of my life or gently splashing them with fairy dust. No matter what you choose to do, don’t allow yourself to stay “dirty” with their negative energy.

In order to keep my face clean, I was gifted this amazing facial cleanser from @facetheory that removed unwanted dirt and makeup from my face. I felt an immediate tingle on my face and after rinsing my face off, I noticed my face was soft and smooth. This video is actually the first time ever trying it and my face looks and feel incredible – and that my friends is the way to cleanse yourself. (Plus one container can last for several months!!!) Please visit my affiliate link in my bio and use code RAYA for 20%.

HOW DO YOU CLEASE YOURSELF? Do you 1) Scrubbing them away or 2) Splashing with Fairy dust?

Song: The Mask by The Fugees

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