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Where Were You On 9/11?

WHERE WERE YOU ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001? I was sitting in my accounting class at my University located in downtown Manhattan, when a student popped his head in yelling someone flew into the World Trade Center. My immediate response, “What crazy nut would do that?” Then everything quickly changed. We were rushed into the ground floor of the main building and we all watched in horror on the television screens of what was happening right outside our doors. Everyone was crying and frantically trying to reach their parents on cellular phones that were no longer working. A friendly student allowed me to use her phone to tell my parents I was okay. I wasn’t okay mentally but physically I was fine. Everything that I had known and cherished was slipping away during that day. When it was finally safe to leave the building, I walked out thinking I was in a horror or End Of Days type of scene. Debris was everywhere, including on people, walking in a daze. I took the trek across the Brooklyn Bridge to my dorm room and climbed into bed crying.

I know some of my friends never returned to school after that. We witnessed and experienced things that we should not have on that day. I don’t want to go into detail but I know that day lives with me forever. However, the good memories of the Towers stay with me too: sitting on top crying to a friend how another boy had broken my heart, drinking and laughing until the wee hours of the morning, shopping at Baker Shoes and visiting friends who worked in the shops. I have so many good memories of the Twin Towers and I will forever remember it as a place that I bonded with my college friends.

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2 thoughts on “Where Were You On 9/11?”

  1. Ah the memories:
    1. I was at work listening to music with a co-worker when the first plane hit was reported. From our vantage point we had a clear view of the buildings and watched with horror as they imploded knowing living humans were falling to their deaths.
    2. My mother and sister were in Manhattan that day at work and visiting and had to make the long dusty trek home to Queens and Brooklyn.
    A day of horror that will never be forgotten!

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    1. Definitely a day that will live in my memory forever. Its definitely a hard day for me every year ❤️ I am so glad your family was safe tho and that you all made it home safe and sound ❤️ so many lives lost and It still feels so surreal ❤️

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