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How Do You Like Yours?

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR LASHES? #Ad Gifted by @circe_beauty . I have been on a quest for a natural lash growing product for a long time because I have been honestly afraid of the lash extensions. Since my eyes are prone to allergies and other sensitivities, I wanted to give this product a try. With herbs that were adapted using Traditional Chinese Medicine which detoxifies the treated area and increases blood flow and oxygen, this lash serum instantly caught my eye. With the use of the powerful herbs, the product helped nourish my lashes without irritating my eyes. Give it a try by heading over to @circe_beauty. Use DISCOUNT CODE: RAYA15 for 15% off ; your lashes will thank you. (see how long my lashes are on my blog by clicking on the link in my profile)

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR LASHES? Type “Natural” or “Extensions” along with your favorite beauty product that helps enhance them.

Outfit: Dress @fashionnova

With mascara

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