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#OOTD 7/3/20; Why Does America Salute The Red, White and Blue?

WHY DOES AMERICA SALUTE THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE? Different colors on the U.S flag represents different things. White: purity and innocence. Red: hardiness & valour. Blue: vigilance, perseverance & justice. But not everyone sees these colors being represented in their daily lives. There has been so much injustice and a lack of accountability on how the United States was founded that many Americans are now questioning our founding fathers. We are currently reshaping history by declaring that certain monuments and statues not be celebrated in public and demanding laws to be written so that ALL people are created equal. Then and ONLY then can we all finally understand the colors of our flag and give it the proper salute it truly deserves.

What does the United States Flag represent for you? Comment below.


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4 thoughts on “#OOTD 7/3/20; Why Does America Salute The Red, White and Blue?”

  1. always felt like it represented freedom. Free to be whoever you desire to be regardless of your skin color. So right about now I’m struggling with that feeling but hopeful that a new feeling will emerge.

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    1. Me too!!! America is filled with so much symbolism but it’s not the same meaning for everyone. I hope we are moving forward in the right direction where everyone can have the freedom to live with out discrimination and death ❤️

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