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#OOTD 6/25/20; How Has Your Perspective Of Yourself Changed?

HOW HAS YOUR PERSPECTIVE OF YOURSELF CHANGED? When you strip away certain parts of yourself that no longer serve you, you are left with a different perspective. It could be life altering when you see yourself in all your glory without the noise and the distractions that surround you and have affected you for so long. We learn to emphasize the good AND the bad that we have in us and we come to terms with the abstractness that embodies us all. We are not just black and white, but we are pain, sadness, happiness, energetic, lethargic, dreamy, lazy, hopeful, purposeful, secretive, aggressive, ambitious but most importantly – we are love. #bnwchallenge


Dress @Prettylittlething

HairClip @Aerie

Shoes @badgleymischka

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