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#OOTD 6/10/20 ; Are We Ready To Be United?

ARE WE READY TO BE UNITED? In order to fight against something, we need to focus on finding a solution together. Everyone is tired of fighting, particular the Black community, for their lives. In order for us to fight this battle, they can not stand alone anymore and we can’t stay silent in the injustices that are happening in America and Globally. We must demand that our political leaders bring about real change by bringing these issues to the International Courts. This is where real change can happen and this is where real change WILL happen. This isn’t an “America Problem”, it’s a Global Problem.

Outfit: Top Petite Rib Leopard Print Off The Shoulder Top@Boohoo ; High Waisted Ripped Jeans @AmericanEagle ; Boat Shoes @Clarksshoes

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