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Magnetic Message #259

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Message #259”

  1. Thank You for Your advice! I try to do the same – first find happyness, than get back to life…
    I personally meditate. Aquarium makes me happy, coffee, being with others…
    Do You have any specific advice about designing happyness?

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    1. I have just learned to not allow the opinions of others of what I should or should not do dictate on what I should be doing with my life. We tend to follow the status quo to be an adult but we lose touch on what brings us joy. Even coffee and tea being me joy and exercising. Also being in the moment brings me happiness. I focus so much on the future and getting shit done that I have forgotten how to be happy in the present. When I do take that time, I am happier. Just my Little tid bits. And I love your list – being happy doesn’t mean winning the lottery but enjoying the simple things in life ❤️

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      1. Oh thank You! We understand each other well!
        Sometimes winnin lottery make people sad, miserable and… broken, because they thing winning 1000000 dollars will make them happy – but they’re wrong! We need to find happyness within ourselves!
        You reminded me of something – no I know what is happyness. So simple – “being here and now”. Focused


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