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#OOTD 6/1/20 Are You Brave Enough To Be Controversial?

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE CONTROVERSIAL? (Warning: Sensitive Topic) America has once again disappointed the African American Community with their continued systematic oppression and the callous murders of innocent black lives. Standing here in Rockefeller Center, surrounded by flags from many different nations, I ask myself how other cultures have continued to play their part in the oppression of African Americans. We come from all over to America to have a better life but we are slowly taught how to treat African Americans and we continue to tell ourselves that “at least we are not at the bottom of the totem pole”. We continually play a part in this narrative on how African Americans should be treated and it HAS TO STOP. We are all part of the problem when we think we are better off than another race due to the color of our skin and how society perceives us to be. We are NO better, especially while we stand idly thinking that this is okay. This is NOT okay and I will not be one of those minorities thinking, “at least this isn’t happening to me”, because in actuality it is, if we continue to allow this mindset to continue. No one is better than anyone else and no one should be treated like scum. I will never understand the Black experience nor will I ever compare my experience with the Black community, but I will stand with them because they are my friends and my allies. I am thankful I have a huge diverse group of friends from different backgrounds and I cherish all the heated debates and perspectives that they have offered me. Uncomfortable conversations must be started to begin the end of this horrific repeat of history.

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3 thoughts on “#OOTD 6/1/20 Are You Brave Enough To Be Controversial?”

  1. Damn right! We need to stand up for everyone and you put this wonderfully. Keep fighting for every person…no matter their race, gender, or sexuality. We are all friends and family and deserve to be fought for. Keep fighting for yourself and them!!

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