Being Magnetic, Fashion

#OOTD 5/27/20; How Do You Respond to Struggle?

HOW DO YOU RESPOND TO STRUGGLE? How you respond speaks volumes about you. If you’re the type of person to blame everyone else for your issues, then you got something to work on. If you’re the type that takes responsibility on why things occur and how you played a part in it, then you’re progressing. Our struggles aren’t necessarily the direct result of what we do and what we say but it could be a reflection of our energy and on how we view ourselves. Take responsibility for our own actions and then decide how to proceed without patterns repeating. This outfit is inspiring you to be tough in times of struggle but to also acknowledge our animalistic tendencies to repeat patterns that must be broken in order to overcome our greatest obstacles: ourselves.

Outfit: Jacket @Aritzia ; Top @Forever21 ; Skirt @boohoo ; shoes #docmartens

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