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#OOTD 5/9/20 ; Are You Filled With Anger?

Are You Filled With Anger? Do you walk around with a chip on your shoulder 24/7? Do you feel the world is against you all the time? It’s okay to feel angry and it’s okay to become upset over something BUT it’s not okay to be Negative Nancy all the freakin time, however. Don’t expect your life to improve if you’re constantly looking at things as half empty. Don’t expect to live the life that you deserve if you are angry over dumb shit that happened decades ago. Learn to let shit go and learn to convert that anger into productively that will enhance your life with love instead of hate. So start saying goodbye to all that anger and say hello to love.

Outfit: Dark Grey Biker Shorts @moretultra ; Bikini Top @Aerie #AerieReal ; Fanny Pack @thenorthface ; Shoes @Reebok @reebokclassics

6 thoughts on “#OOTD 5/9/20 ; Are You Filled With Anger?”

  1. Looking amazing young lady and anger can help us sometimes too. Sometime anger make us be brave and change our life, our world. Sometime no emotion is more deadly than anger. Release the anger, fix your life, fix your world. Maybe we can be happy. Always a pleasure to read your words and thoughts.

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