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#OOTD 5/8/20 ; Can You Still Be Positive?

Can You Still Be Positive? Especially when you’re surrounded by negatively? A year ago I was going through such a negative situation where my surroundings were impacting me on an emotional and physical level. I was crying almost every other day and was just trying to “survive” but then something hit me: this wasn’t the way to live; this wasn’t the way I wanted to live. I took action by ordering audio books to listen to on my way to work and they gradually changed my mindset about my entire life. I refused to allow people, situations and surroundings to affect my emotional and spiritual growth. And you know what? Things improved for my inner self. I didn’t allow the actions or the opinions of others to affect me and I chose to be positive in the face of the negativity that was thrown at me. So choose to be positive no matter what life throws at you. Trust me, the struggle will past and you will come out stronger than ever.

Outfit: Orange Bralette @aerie #AerieREAL ; Animal Print Dress @Boohoo #BooHoointhehouse ; Black Dress @nastygal + #StayingInWithNastyGal ; Black Knee High Boots @Aldo_shoes #aldoshoes #AldoCrew ; Jade Necklace purchased in #chinatownnyc

4 thoughts on “#OOTD 5/8/20 ; Can You Still Be Positive?”

      1. I am a husband and I need to be reminded to tell wife how wonderful she is too. I am lucky. A woman willing to stay with me. He is lucky and be safe, be careful.

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