Being Magnetic, Fashion

#OOTD 4/30/20 How Do You Present Yourself?

How do you present yourself to the world? Are you your true authentic self or are you wearing a mask (figuratively)? If you’re one of the ones wearing a mask, I can tell you right now it will become extremely exhausting and you may just end up reaching your breaking point. I reached my breaking point in 2018.  I wasn’t living my authentic self and my mental health was greatly suffering.  So, the point of this post is to never wear a false mask to appease who you think you must be in order to be successful in life.  Be you and the Universe will open up to you….

Outfit: White V-neck T-shirt @Hm #HMxME ;Beige Vest by Wilfred Size 00 @aritzia ; Green Jogger Pants Size XXS @AmericanEagle #AExME ; Beige Booties @VinceCamuto #vincecamuto

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